We are proud to announce the formation of the Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association Inc.

After the successful first Victorian Recreational Clubs Conference in 2018, the Association was formed and has been tirelessly working to create, what we believe to be, the start of something great for clubs and beekeepers alike. 

The VRBA was formed in response to:

The changing face of beekeeping and increasing demand from recreational, sideline and part-time beekeepers to be able to access high quality, flexible and professional education opportunities;

Recognition of the challenges facing beekeepers responding to the needs of recreational, sideline and part-time beekeepers;

Recreational beekeepers needing to be better represented in the community and at a Government level.


The VRBA plans to introduce services and resources to members which will be overseen by an organisational structure comprised of beekeepers and club representatives. While we develop further services and resources, we have some exciting opportunities for Recreational beekeepers including access to a customised public liability insurance policy for beekeepers and free Association membership for 2019.


Mission Statement:

To further advance the knowledge and understanding of beekeeping in a safe, humane and enjoyable manner.


The aim of our association is to promote beekeeping in Victoria for Recreational beekeepers, whether they are present or past members of clubs, or individuals who are simply interested in bees as a hobby. To represent the views and goals of Recreational beekeepers to Stakeholders and Government.


Recreational numbers are on the rise, the state of Victoria alone has some 8,000+ registered beekeepers. Of those estimates suggest only approx 2,000 are involved in beekeeping clubs. We believe this Conference to be pivotal in the progression of collaboration amongst recreational beekeeping clubs in Victoria.