The name is the Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association and will hereafter be referred to as VRBA.


Mission statement:

To further advance the knowledge and understanding of beekeeping in a safe, humane and enjoyable manner.



The aim of our association is to promote beekeeping in Victoria for recreational beekeepers, whether they are present or past members of clubs, or individuals who are simply interested in bees as a hobby. To represent the views and goals of recreational beekeepers to Stakeholders and Government.



  1. To promote the importance and benefits of beekeeping.
  2. Assist members to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required.
  3. Improve the understanding of the general community as to how beekeepers perform a vital role in assisting the environment in our caretaker role, for the benefit of all.
  4. Provide a range of educational forums including conferences, seminars, lectures, specific courses and discussion groups, as well as practical demonstrations.
  5. To constantly be vigilant and promote the importance of Biosecurity and its ramifications.
  6. Represent recreational beekeepers in all levels of Government and Industry forums.
  7. Assist local councils in developing consistent expectations, guidelines for beekeeping and promote responsible beekeeping in the community.
  8. Support research and development into retaining a healthy bee population.
  9. Distribute new articles on beekeeping to keep members abreast of future trends.
  10. Initiate and organise a public liability insurance scheme for recreational beekeepers.
  11. To set standards of Proficiency and Competency for different levels of Bee Education.
  12. To encourage engagement between members, clubs and the general public.
  13. To encourage new beekeepers to join clubs for the purpose of improved safety for the beekeeper and the community.